Have You The Courage To Lead With Integrity?

I was recently asked by David Mook of the Centergy Group to participate in a panel discussion on Leadership at the 2019 Georgia Environmental Conference.

We were asked 4 questions – the first of which was, “What is the most basic tenet of leadership in today’s world?”

I share my answer to that question in this video and my answers to the additional three in my next three posts.

My answer to the first question may just challenge you!

In my next post, I answer the question, “Where do you think you have gained the most guidance in your leadership style?”

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Share The LOVE Sale Event

Heather and I truly appreciate the LOVE you show us by subscribing to our newsletter and YouTube channel and leaving comments, likes, and shares.

To show our appreciation, we’re offering you a 20% discount on our most popular online course – Performance Enhancing Feedback.

This course teaches leaders how to deliver and receive performance feedback.

The discount extends through the end of February 2020.

Click here to view the package options, select your preferred package, and enter the discount code LOVE2020 to receive your course.

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Interview STAR Method: Improvement #2

In my last post, I shared my first of two improvements to the STAR Method for answering behavioral interview questions.

If you have not watched the video titled Interview STAR Method: Improvement #1, please do so now, as today’s improvement incorporates and builds upon that improvement.

Today I’ve got a second improvement for you.

When answering an interview question you want to accomplish two ends: answer it completely AND find ways to use the question to your benefit.

This means going beyond what the question asks and including information that is on your “must say this before the interview is over” list.

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Interview STAR Method: Improvement #1

Today I want to share an improvement to the STAR Method for answering behavioral interview questions.

The STAR method has existed for a very long time and is the most accepted method.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this approach, STAR is an acronym that stands for:

  •  ituation you are facing
  • T  ask needing to be performed
  • A  ction taken
  • R  esult achieved

While it is the most accepted approach, it has an inherent problem.

This problem keeps answers from being as interesting and engaging as they are capable of being.

It also keeps them from holding the interviewer’s attention as much as they could – if designed differently.

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We’re back

After a crazy, longer than expected break from posting content, we’re ready to start posting again.

I’ll tell you all about it in the accompanying video.

You’ll also notice a change in the newsletter format – with a greater emphasis on video content and less on the written portion.

This change will allow us to post more content – in the format you told us you prefer.

As learning is shifting its emphasis from classroom training to online, we’re keeping pace and recently finished our first online training course, Performance Enhancing Feedback.

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Interview Answers That Impress

I’ve taught interviewing, from both sides of the table, for over 40 years. While the process has evolved, the need for writing and delivering answers that impress the interviewer remains as important as ever.

I’ve simplified the process to six essential steps.

In written form, the steps seem simple to follow, and they are. Unfortunately, from the thousands of interviews I’ve witnessed, “simple to follow” does not always translate into “followed,” and it’s easy to identify who prepared properly and who did not.

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The Most Powerful Message I Ever Heard

Several months ago, in the 2018 Goal setting newsletter, I suggested being focused and selective with your time. Lately, I was wondering what you focus on and pay the most attention to these days.

What do you listen to the most?

  • Talk radio
  • TV
  • Movies / Videos
  • Music
  • Friends talking
  • Other

Second question: is the message primarily

  • Positive, negative or neutral
  • Optimistic or pessimistic
  • Encouraging or discouraging
  • Educational or nonsensical

Your answers are important because how you feel daily is being shaped by what you listen to. What you focus on will increase in your life and be reflected in your attitude and actions.

The research on the importance of focus is deep and compelling.

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The Secret To Keeping Conversations On Track

What the heck happened? I don’t understand! You gotta be kidding me! I didn’t expect that to happen! That’s not the way that was supposed to turn out!

Have you ever felt that way after a conversation?

If you’ve ever gotten into a conversation expecting it to go well only to have it spin out of control and end badly, you will be interested in learning about the feedback loop.

Understanding and utilizing the feedback loop will help keep your conversations on track.

In the accompanying video, I explain this visual communication tool, and how doing the right things keeps a conversation on track, and doing the wrong things derails it. Keys points shown are

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How To Network Like A Pro

People frequently ask me what’s the best way to search for a job or identify career opportunities they’re qualified for? My answer is to utilize every means available.

  • Hire a resume posting service to post your resume
  • Personally post your resume on job boards and the net
  • Make your search a part of every conversation
  • Find businesses in your search area and Cold Call them
  • Join Networking Organizations
  • Network one-on-one

I often find that people utilize only one or two methods. This indicates

  • trust in the effectiveness of methods used
  • limited knowledge of available methods
  • comfort level with a longer search time
  • discomfort utilizing some methods

My question is if you were hurting, and faced with losing your happiness, mental stability, health or residence, how would your strategy change? Remember, activity translates into results.

As we have become more reliant on digital communication one of the most successful ‘active’ search methods is being underutilized, and it is personal one-on-one networking. This approach enlists personal, professional, academic or familial contacts to help you achieve your goals.

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How Playing The Blame Game Hinders Success

I delivered a speech a while ago titled Ain’t My Fault. I felt compelled to do it after reading countless articles on the disturbing trend of people blaming others for their mistakes.

What’s worse is that this victimhood trend extends to people blaming everyone and everything for the state of their life. It’s easy to take credit for success; mistakes not so much.

Conventional explanations for this trend are

  • The middle class is struggling to make ends meet and wants a quick payout.
  • Being civil to each other is on the decrease. We are becoming more self-absorbed and find it easier to take advantage of each other.
  • It’s easy to get away with things – things we know are wrong.

Regardless the actual origin(s), the effects are varied, profound and disheartening. I long for a time when every person looks in the mirror and says to themselves

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