How To Create More Excitement In Your Life

Want more enjoyment and excitement in your life, but can’t find the time or the space? If so, you are not alone, lots of people do. Interestingly enough, there’s one barrier that keeps most people at bay. When you identify what it is and remove it, wonderful things can happen.

By the way, the busier you are the more you’ll benefit by this message.

A couple of days ago I was in my doctor’s office. My doctor is fabulous and if you have a 10 o’clock appointment, nine out of ten times at 10 o’clock he’s sitting right in front of you. This day he was running late. The nurse came in and said, “Craig, I want to apologize, we’re running late. I’ll do my best to get you out of here on time.” I responded, “Take your time; I’m not in any particular hurry.” That shocked her, and she replied, “Thank you very much for that because it seems like just about everybody else is.”

Her response validated what I’ve been suggesting for years; that many of you have your lives so packed full of stuff, you’re running from one event to the next and not enjoying each one as you go. If you compared your life to a computer hard drive or a USB and clicked Properties, you would read Used Space 100%, Free Space 0%.

The frustrating part is when you’re trying to add something new to your life, there’s no space for it. Where do you find the space? Obviously, you first need to delete something, but what gets deleted from your life to make space to embrace something new?

You probably remember a time when you deleted something in a hurry and deleted the wrong thing. You only realized you deleted the wrong thing after it was gone and you couldn’t get it back.

I’m happy to say there’s a simple way to avoid that type of mistake.

Charlie Rose once interviewed Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the same interview. At one point in the interview Bill Gates said what he really learned from Warren was that, “You control your time. Sitting and thinking may be a much higher priority… it’s not a proxy of your seriousness that you’ve filled every minute in your schedule.”

Warren Buffett then replied, “It’s the only thing you can’t buy. I can buy anything I want, basically, but I can’t buy time. I better be careful with it because there’s no way I will be able to buy more time.”

While you don’t have total control of how you spend your time, the person who most controls it is YOU. You can slow down and think how best to spend it, or be a victim to it. It’s your decision!

The more your life is packed full of stuff and the more you want to make space to embrace something new in your life, the more I suggest the first thing you make space to embrace is time to seriously think through the decision of what you’re going to delete.

Make it a priority to carve out some time to think this decision through. When you do, you’ll have confidence that you deleted the right thing, you won’t regret the decision, and you free up space for the new.

I wish you well Making Space To Embrace all the new, exciting, wonderful things that can be yours in this lifetime. But remember, if your life is currently packed full, you first have to hit DELETE.

Deleting leads to adding, and adding fun is always a good decision!

That’s my perspective, what’s yours? Leave us a comment or question below this post and don’t miss the video on this topic on YouTube!

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