Interview STAR Method: Improvement #1

Today I want to share an improvement to the STAR Method for answering behavioral interview questions.

The STAR method has existed for a very long time and is the most accepted method.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this approach, STAR is an acronym that stands for:

  •  ituation you are facing
  • T  ask needing to be performed
  • A  ction taken
  • R  esult achieved

While it is the most accepted approach, it has an inherent problem.

This problem keeps answers from being as interesting and engaging as they are capable of being.

It also keeps them from holding the interviewer’s attention as much as they could – if designed differently.

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Interview Answers That Impress

I’ve taught interviewing, from both sides of the table, for over 40 years. While the process has evolved, the need for writing and delivering answers that impress the interviewer remains as important as ever.

I’ve simplified the process to six essential steps.

In written form, the steps seem simple to follow, and they are. Unfortunately, from the thousands of interviews I’ve witnessed, “simple to follow” does not always translate into “followed,” and it’s easy to identify who prepared properly and who did not.

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How To Network Like A Pro

People frequently ask me what’s the best way to search for a job or identify career opportunities they’re qualified for? My answer is to utilize every means available.

  • Hire a resume posting service to post your resume
  • Personally post your resume on job boards and the net
  • Make your search a part of every conversation
  • Find businesses in your search area and Cold Call them
  • Join Networking Organizations
  • Network one-on-one

I often find that people utilize only one or two methods. This indicates

  • trust in the effectiveness of methods used
  • limited knowledge of available methods
  • comfort level with a longer search time
  • discomfort utilizing some methods

My question is if you were hurting, and faced with losing your happiness, mental stability, health or residence, how would your strategy change? Remember, activity translates into results.

As we have become more reliant on digital communication one of the most successful ‘active’ search methods is being underutilized, and it is personal one-on-one networking. This approach enlists personal, professional, academic or familial contacts to help you achieve your goals.

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Interviewing For Your First Leadership Position, Episode 1

If you are interviewing for your first leadership position, this is an exciting time.

I want to give you an advantage over your competition and ensure you avoid the most common mistake eight out of 10 people in your position make.

Most people prepare by designing statements and answers based on their resume, including the duties and responsibilities of positions they have held.

The problem with that approach is that a leadership position is not on their resume, and leadership is precisely the focus of this interview.

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The Easiest Path To Career Success

You are special! Those are powerful words for sure. I’m sure you’ve heard them before; at least I hope you have. I’m not sure in what context, though, because there are many.

  • If your mother says it to you, she’s probably sharing her love for you and stroking your ego (which is perfectly within her motherly rights to do, I might add!).
  • If your friends say it with emphasis on the word special, they are probably giving you a hard time.
  • If you say it to yourself, you might be implying you deserve extra privileges.

But when I say it to you, and I am, I mean something totally different.

I believe that each one of us is special in our own way. I’m convinced there is something you do really, really well. As a matter of fact, you do it better than most people, and you easily do it better than most people. Do you know what it is? I hope so, and I hope you’ve found a way to express it in your life, because when you do, you and everyone around you benefits.

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Power Phrases For Your Interview

This week’s tip is for anyone who makes presentations, facilitates meetings, addresses people in formal settings, or wants to be more effective in casual conversation. Several factors affect the successful delivery of a message; today’s tip is how to speak powerfully using impact words.

Has the following ever happened to you? You listen to two speakers deliver essentially the same message, one following the other. The first speaker puts you to sleep and the second one grabs your attention and keeps you riveted to every word.

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