Interview STAR Method: Improvement #2

In my last post, I shared my first of two improvements to the STAR Method for answering behavioral interview questions.

If you have not watched the video titledĀ Interview STAR Method: Improvement #1, please do so now, as today’s improvement incorporates and builds upon that improvement.

Today I’ve got a second improvement for you.

When answering an interview question you want to accomplish two ends: answer it completely AND find ways to use the question to your benefit.

This means going beyond what the question asks and including information that is on your “must say this before the interview is over” list.

You cannot rely on the interviewers to ask you all the “right questions.”

You have to FIND the place and time to add your best selling points – what I call “must say items.”

Ask yourself questions like, “What can I add to my answer? How can I say something about myself – that I want the interviewer to know – that shows me in a good light – even though the question does not ask for it directly?”

In the accompanying video, you’ll learn where to position this information and how to do it effectively.

It’s another easy change to make, and I’m convinced you’ll see the value in making it.

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