It’s Time To Celebrate And Only You Know Why

You’ve had your head down for a long, long time now. Isn’t it time to pick up your head, remove your nose from the grindstone and relax a bit while you take a 50,000-foot view of your successes?

You bet it is! You have reason to celebrate, but you haven’t… yet, and you need to. If not now, when?

What are you celebrating? That’s for you to determine, but there is something.

If you don’t yet know what it is, keep reading, and by the end of this letter, you will know. The more difficult it is to identify a reason to celebrate, the more you need to stop and celebrate.

Celebrating now will be difficult for several reasons:

  • your head has been down for so long it will be uncomfortable in any other position
  • an urgency to do more will make it feel like wasted time
  • deadlines of all types, like little haunting voices, will tell you not to stop – not even for a moment
  • any celebration will feel premature and uncomfortable

But the break and rest are necessary and serve many functions. They fuel your:

  • body with the energy needed to continue, when the time is right
  • mind with thoughts of accomplishment
  • heart with the courage to fight harder
  • spirit with the hope and expectation of the wonderful results just over the next hill and around the next corner

So fight the urge to push on right now. Surround your reluctant self with reason after reason it’s a good time to take a break. Bask in the beauty of the elevated view – you deserve it!

Don’t worry, a realization of awaiting tasks will overtake you soon enough. For now, you are free; soaring like an eagle, admiring your handiwork and smiling proudly!

Finally, reread this letter each month. In that time I’m certain you’ll have something else that is celebration worthy, right? Absolutely!

That’s my perspective, what’s yours? Leave us a comment or question below this post, and thanks for reading!

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